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How do you move to New York City and stay sane and not be broke?

Look at this kid. That’s Ben Popken on the night he moved to New York City. He just spent the past three days on a Greyhound from Denver to Manhattan. The last leg of the journey was shared with twenty just-paroled convicts. Look at his smile. He has no idea what he’s in for.

After reading our post, “HOW TO: Re-Up Your Lease, Keep The Same Rent,” Tim in Wisconsin Falls, Wisconsin, asks,

    “You pay $1650 a month rent for an apartment. What do you eat? I am barely getting by with $425.00 a month for a house. I understand it is New York but I have always wondered how New Yorkers manage to eat after paying huge rents each month. I have never been to NY so I cant say much but…

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