Throughout this semester, many guest speakers shared intriguing stories about their career journeys. Perhaps the most intriguing, Bob Allen’s presentation on story telling was the most relevant to me. His advice was unorthodox and refreshing. The example he gave of how a positive attitude could go further in the work place than hard work still resonates with me. Unlike other employers, Mr. Allen said that if he had an employee who was hardworking but had a negative attitude he would fire him over a lazy employee with a positive attitude. Although I will never be a lazy employee, this lesson taught me the importance of remaining a happy person at work regardless of issues one may be experience in other aspects of life. Mr. Allen also alleviated my concern of not being the best at math. I have always dreamt of owning a business in the future but was always concerned that I was not proficient enough in math to make this dream a reality. Mr. Allen, however, said that if you’re not good at something you could always hire someone to run that part of your business. He emphasized the importance of being happy with what you do. Making money should not be the only reason you are in an industry or profession. He says that if you could make your hobby or passion your job, then you can excel and become very successful with what you do. It’s imperative that you be happy in order to have a good life and successful career. These are words that I will live by.