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Amanda Franciele Kuff


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Hello! My name is Amanda Kuff. I am currently enrolled at Florida State University, where I am working towards my Bachelor’s degree in Media/Communication Studies with a minor in Hospitality. Although it may seem as though Communication and Hospitality have nothing to do with one another, I chose to concentrate my studies in these fields because of my interest in becoming a Public Relations specialist for luxury hotels and resorts.

My passion for this dream career stemmed from my experience working in the hospitality industry. Immediately after graduating high school, I was hired by Loews Miami Beach Hotel and Resort as a front desk agent. Throughout my tenure at Loews, I learned various aspects relating to hospitality, such as; customer service, food and beverage, and room inventory control. It was at this point in the very beginning of my career that I decided working with hotels and resorts was a passion of mine.

As a student at FSU, I have had the privilege of taking communication courses that have offered me the opportunity to create social marketing plans and campaigns. These assignments focus on inspiring pro-social behavioral changes in the public.  With the knowledge and experience of persuading the general public, I am confident that I can succeed in the field of Public Relations.

Throughout my years as a college student, I have maintained a full-time job and course load of 15 credit hours. One of my biggest achievements has been maintaining a 3.2 GPA, despite having to work 30 plus hours per week. Even though I have a somewhat busy schedule, I always make time for my hobbies. On my free time, I thoroughly enjoy taking and editing pictures, cooking, and practicing my make-up artistry on friends. I would definitely define myself as an environmentalist concerned with reducing my carbon footprint and an animal lover concerned with euthanasia in animal shelters.